Is it possible to bet on rhythmic gymnastics?

Rhythmic gymnastics is not only a graceful sport that fascinates both male and female spectators, but also a source of income, as cappers place bets to fuel their interest. Of course, rhythmic gymnastics is inferior in fame to many other sports, but the discipline gathers its audience.

Major tournaments

The Olympic Games and World Championships are considered the key tournaments in rhythmic gymnastics, and bookmakers usually add these competitions to the list of events. The Olympic tournament is held every four years, in the Summer Olympics program, and the world championships are held in August-September during the non-Olympic seasons. European championships and national championships are also held, but they are rarely broadcast to a wide audience, and therefore bookmakers deprive them of attention.

Features of rates

This sport implies performances of athletes with different apparatus made exclusively for this sport, including: a ball; mace; ribbon; hoop; skipping rope. Assessment combines several criteria at once. The judges take into account the complexity of the elements performed, the artistry of the participants, as well as the accuracy of the execution. Points are deducted for mistakes.

What to consider when betting

The main tips to help the capper correctly predict the outcome of the competition are as follows:
Study the statistics of the athletes’ performance during the season. You can find the necessary data on the official websites of International Gymnastics Federation and national associations.
Follow news – following injuries, athletes recover for a long period, and sometimes they may not reach their peak form.
The gymnasts periodically change the program of performances, therefore the new program requires a break-in – see how well the athlete copes with the new elements of her performance.
Pay attention to the judging teams – the subjectivity of assessments is far from news for this sport.

Types of bets on rhythmic gymnastics

The following types of rates are usually present in the outcome line of bookmakers.
Win of the participant. It is not difficult to determine the winner of the tournament, since it is serious about getting into the number of prize-winners.
Most bookmakers offer the bettor to determine the participants who will take places in the top three, but sometimes you can place a wager on a place in the top 5, top 7, etc.
Who is higher? Traditional gambling for individual sports performances. Bookmaker chooses a pair of athletes, and the bettor predicts who will show the best result at the end of the competition.
Total points. Competitors can receive a maximum of 20 points for performing with each apparatus. Bookmakers put up a certain amount of points, inviting the capper to predict whether the participant will collect this amount or not.

Why should you try betting on rhythmic gymnastics?

It is a potentially lucrative gambling sport, as bookmakers often make mistakes in estimating odds when forming odds. But at the same time, bets on rhythmic gymnastics are not a priority for betters, since bets on such contentions are rarely accepted by bookmakers.