Horse racing betting: how it has started

For more than one century, running and racing have attracted people with their spectacularity, unpredictability of results, as well as the opportunity to make good money on the races. That is why the first sweepstakes appeared on racetracks, and equestrian competitions laid the foundation for the development of world bookmaking.
In addition, racetrack bookmakers played a large role in the development of the industry, as part of the money received was invested in the arrangement of facilities, infrastructure development and horse care.

Horse racing betting: key features

Remember the following nuances before gambling on equine competitions:

  • Many factors affect the results of relay: weather, surface, experience and weight of the horse and jockey, the height of the barriers, and so on.
  • Assess the horse’s current shape before gambling. Most bookmakers offer detailed statistics on all participants in the upcoming course.
  • The list of events for gambling on equine racing online in some bookmaker offices is limited. At the racetrack, the gambling line is usually wider.
  • The bookmaker often accepts rates on high limit equine relay as it is a popular market for Western players.

Types of horse racing bets

Basic horse competition gambling options:

  • A bet on the winner of the distance or the opposite of it – on the fact that the equine will definitely not come to the finish line first.
  • Bet on getting the equine into the top three. You can also place rates on a spot in the top 4, top 6, and so on.
  • “Forecast” – a rate on two equines that should come to the finish line first and second. Such a wager can be a random sequence or an accurate prediction of the first and second runners-up in an event.
  • “Duel” or “who is higher” – the choice of which of the two equines will finish earlier.
  • “Finish” – a rate that the horse will cover the entire distance without retirement.

Selecting events for horse racing betting

Please check the event map before placing bets on equine relay online. Bookmakers give it. The map contains information about the latest results of the participants. You will be able to evaluate the current shape of the equines.
Also consider the following factors:
Pay attention to what distances the equine usually runs.
Look at the date of the last relay. Sprinters need a break between starts. Therefore, it is desirable that the previous race for such an equine was a month ago or earlier. On the other hand, long distance runners don’t need a lot of rest between competitions.
Watch the jockey’s weight. For an equine to be successful in a competition, it must be kept to a minimum.
Examine the track coverage. Some equines achieve different results depending on the type of surface.
Don’t gamble on every course in a row. This leads to a decrease in the quality of analysis and a quick loss of the game bank.

Is it possible to win some money from bookmakers?

Of course it is. The most reliable way to make money on equine competitions bets is to analyze yourself. This is certainly not the easiest way, but the most reliable. All you need to do is analyze the shape of the equines and back up your own analyses with financial and game strategy.Of course, choose the right bookmaker. In this case, you are guaranteed a win!